Excuses, excuses

December 3, 2009

I know I have been a bad blogger lately, but in wintertime there is just so much going on!  And not just social stuff, either.  I actually got some energy for a total redo of my office and sewing stuff and one of our guest rooms.  And after that I sewed myself a new blouse.  (Which, unfortunately, I don’t really like.)

In winter activities like moving furniture and sitting at the sewing machine are possible to do without any discomfort from the heat… so we catch up on a lot of projects!  And then there is the winter social season, with lots of dinners and music and art and parades and fireworks and marathons and who knows what.  Some people are out every night of the week.

So I have been busy, and that’s why I haven’t been blogging.  But I do have a few great blog ideas that I just need to go out and take pictures for… I guess that’s a teaser so that you’ll come back and not give up on me!

This weekend, for example… Friday is the Art Walk and the art opening at the Art Museum.  There is also an evening parade in Centro of circus animals (I think).  Saturday is day one of the Marathon of the Pacific.  Saturday night is the Festival of Lights, where there is an incredible display of fireworks up and down the bay.  Sunday is day two of the marathon.  Hace Mucho’s vintage furniture sale is Saturday and Sunday.  Not to mention a couple private social events.

So please hang in there, it is just a bit of a lull.  While you wait you can look at the pretty picture above and squint a bit to see Carlos Slim’s yacht up next to the islands at the top of the picture.  See you soon.

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I'm Nancy, a US expat living in San Antonio Tlayacapan, Jalisco after 11 years in Mazatlán, México.

    1. Nancy, is that really Carlos Slim’s yacht? I’ve been watching it every day, wondering how long it will be there. From here it looks pretty small, but I suspect up close it it huge!

    1. Oh, yes, doesn’t it feel great to be busy without sweltering? Living in Mexico is sort of like hibernation in reverse,I think. Everything comes alive after October and just gets better and better. Some of the events there in Maz are so intriguing, I’m thinking I should get my Quest together for a trip soon!

    1. I was told it was NOT Carlos Slim’s yacht. MY thinking would be that if he is the third richest man in the world, it would be a bit flashier than the one sitting out there, although maybe he is a frugal billionaire?? I think you have been blogging right a long…no long delays…just fine.

    1. Rescind, rescind..is what I am doing. I have now heard it is Carlos Slim’s boat and close up it is supposed to be over 100 feet long. Guess that is fit for a billionaire! Speculation is rife about so many things here in Maz, but sure seems you were right on that one.

      1. Trish, No idea how long it will be there, but it is Slim’s yacht!

        1st. Mate, You are so right as to how it comes alive… and come on down, anytime. Mi casa es tu casa!

        Zoe, Yep, it is Slim’s! He likes Maz, comes here pretty frequently it seems.

    1. Someone told me yesterday he is here to finalize paperwork for “buying” the toll road between here and Culiacan. Who knows if that is true or not…didn’t know you could BUY a toll road, but this IS Mexico. ‘-)

    1. How about by-ing it, like by-passing it? On Rte 15 instead of the Cuota…Or going out of the Cuota before the next toll by one of these little side dirt roads…and re-enter the Cuota after the toll?
      Just a thought

      1. Anne-Marie, Not sure that I understand what you are suggesting, but thanks for coming by!

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