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August 20, 2008

Magnetized ramp at Mega 

We went shopping today at Mega and thought that the cost of our purchases might be interesting, especially to those of you planning a budget for when you move. Grocery prices have been rising everywhere, though, and there is an article in the paper at least every week about inflation and its impact on the poor.

I am going to make gazpacho and garlic soup in the next couple of days, as well as a pasta salad. Most of these ingredients are for those dishes. All prices are in pesos. For a rough dollar equivalent, divide by 10. A kilogram is 2.2 lbs.

    • Large green onions (bunch) – 6.90
    • Plum Tomatoes (7.90/kg) – 10.15
    • Cucumbers (8.80/kg) – 8.45
    • Chile Cristal (24.00/kg) – 3.72
    • Leek (19.50/kg) – 9.95
    • Red Peppers (20.60/kg) – 6.90
    • Serrano Chiles (16.50/kg) – .91
    • Star Fruit (29.80/kg) 1.49
    • Limes (4.90/kg) – 1.84
    • Italian Squash (10.90/kg) 4.03 (some were already used)
    • Hass Avocado (32.90/kg) – 28.46
    • White Potatoes (9.90/kg) – 9.06
    • Carrots (5.90/kg) – 7.26
  • Total pictured: 99.12 pesos (about $9.91US)




    • Milk (per box) – 2 @ 11.00 – 22.00
    • Pasta – 29.20
    • Chips Ahoy – 26.79
    • Baguette – 7.00
    • Wheat Bread – 18.75
    • Sardines – 8.67
    • Raisins – 20.20
    • Almonds – 18.82
    • Canned Soup – 19.50
    • Canned Chipotles – 10.90
  • Total pictured 181.83 pesos (approx 18.18 US) 




    • Toothbrush 1 – 32.35
    • Toothbrush 2 – 34.07
    • Deodorant – 31.86
    • Talcum powder – 74.50 (I really wanted the powder puff applicator! Splurge!)
    • Toilette water – 26.50
    • Q-tips – 19.90
  • Total pictured 219.18 (approx 21.92 US)



    • Sour cream – 5.95
    • Tortillas – 4.96
  • Total pictured 10.91 pesos (approx 1.09 US)



I get migranes if I have Nutrasweet, so the Naturel diet soda is a lifesaver! I love it. I have two white wines I like that are in my price range for everyday – the Gallo (don’t gasp) above, and a Mexican white by Monte Xanic. Sometimes they have it, sometimes not.

    • Naturel diet soda with Splenda – 15.80
    • Naturel diet soda with Splenda – 15.80
    • Gallo Chardonnay – 78.80
  • Total pictured – 110.40 pesos (approx 11.04 US)

In summary, all the food shown above amounted to $62.15 US. If we hadn’t needed toiletries this time, it would have been a lot cheaper.

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I'm Nancy, a US expat living in San Antonio Tlayacapan, Jalisco after 11 years in Mazatlán, México.

    1. Nancy — Thank you for posting the prices. They have helped verify the budgeting I am going through for the trip south. I had budgeted groceries at 10% less than my current budget. I thought a further discount would be needed until I remembered you were buying vegetarian. I will need to add the cost of some meat. As for personal and household supplies, it looks as if my guess that I should budget on par with this year is a correct guess. Thank for sharing.

    1. It wasn’t a comprehensive shopping trip. No cheese or eggs, no laundry stuff. I made a mistake adding the toiletries which I noticed this morning so the total has been reduced by about $10 us. Ooops.

    1. Nancy, your food prices are less than mine. We shop at mega too. But then again on Wednesday the veggies are usually cheaper.

    1. I want a powder puff too!!! I haven’t been able to find one (granted, NOT a comprehensive search).

    1. I guess there are Megas everywhere in Mx?

    1. Okay, I have a question. How difficult is it to take your cart up and down that escalator? Really. I have never been brave enough to try it. I keep having visions of a runaway cart knocking down shoppers like bowling pins.

    1. MCM – Powder puffs rule! I found this in the cosmetics area, way in the back. I had been looking for ages! No more slapping on a handful of powder and having most of it hit the floor!

      American Mommy – I’ve seen Mega pretty much everywhere.

      Jennifer – Funny you should ask – last time we went the magnet wasn’t working too well and we had to hold on! And it wasn’t too hard to do, so go ahead, try it!

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