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June 14, 2008

Our next door neighbor feeds the hummingbirds, and we benefit as they come and hang around our yard and have their territory wars for our enjoyment. Above is a picture of one resting on the palm. We see right into the top of this tree from our office.

This is a picture I couldn’t resist emailing to people up North. We are sitting in our favorite palapa restaurant enjoying a Pacifico. Mmmm, pretty good!

The picture above is a ruin that we walk by pretty frequently. This morning though I really looked into it and loved the way the light streams in way in the back. You will probably have to enlarge this one to be able to see what I mean.

In this picture we had seen a mass of jumping fish and all of a sudden a lot of pelicans noticed the same thing.

I love this picture of the courtyard. Everything is so lush and tropical!

This one just makes me laugh! I think the tree just may have outgrown the bucket – what do you think?

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I'm Nancy, a US expat living in San Antonio Tlayacapan, Jalisco after 11 years in Mazatlán, México.

    1. Is the next to the last picture YOUR courtyard? Lovely. I have now added Mazatlan to the list – the list is Bali, Bhutan, Cuba and Mazatlan…… have “opened” my eyes! Thanks.

    1. The courtyard looks wonderful! And maybe its my memory going, but those elephant ears look even bigger than when I saw them!

    1. Hey Nancy! I´m just catching up on my blog reading and I love your post about costs. I´ll do the same about Guaymas as soon as I have some numbers.

    1. Nancy, there you go again posting pictures of your FABULOUS courtyard!

      Wonderful pictures, as usual. Your pics and posts always heighten my curiosity about Mazatlan.

      Looking forward to more!

    1. Yes, the elephant ears may just take over the courtyard….but they make great umbrellas in a pinch, so we’ll let them grow as much as they like!

    1. Lovely pictures! The tree in a bucket makes me laugh. I like that ruin picture a lot, it’s much nicer when enlarged and it seems to want to pull me in. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Great photos.
      I believe the chalked markings on the door frame of the ruin are about mosquito larva spraying.

    1. The photo with the pelicans is quite funny. 😀 the poor little fishies won’t be landing on your plate anymore! 😀

      Have a great day bye.

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