Fan Time

May 11, 2008

The weather is heating up a little here in Mazatlán, and we have started turning on the ceiling fans. I just love how much cooler you can feel with just a little air movement.

Our house has great flow-through ventilation, and there always seems to be a breeze that will whip from the front gate through the house.

Last September and October – our first here in Maz – we did pretty well in the heat and humidity. We found that if we stayed out of air conditioning we felt the heat less than if we went back and forth. Although some days we would go into the bedroom and turn on the air conditioning for a half hour and would feel refreshed.

Anyway, this year we are going to see how we do only heading into the bedrooms (our only rooms with air conditioners) to sleep. Most of the city does it, so why can’t we? We’ll let you know how it went come November.

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I'm Nancy, a US expat living in San Antonio Tlayacapan, Jalisco after 11 years in Mazatlán, México.

    1. Oregon is supposed to have 90 degree weather this weekend. I am scheduled to speak at a conference at Salishan. The coast sounds as if it may be the place to be.

    1. I have to agree about staying out of the ac. Especially if it’s humid, I notice it when we go to the movies. It’s warm and muggy outside, we watch the movie and then go back outside and it feels like we are in a steam room.
      What I used to do when I lived in Arizona and it got too warm inside (I did have ac but it was kept at 80!)I would step into the garage for as long as I could stand it. After that the house seemed so pleasant! Here I step outside my front door (it faces south and all that cement and limestone really reflects the heat!). Our house seems to stay about 10 degrees cooler than the outside. Also a midday shower with cold water is nice too.

    1. How do your dogs do in the heat and humidity?? The more moderate temps and lack of humidity in Mexico City are one of the biggest draws in our decision to move there. And I hope our dog is happier with weather more like here in Seattle – I just hope the altitude doesn’t cause problems for her.

    1. The only time we really feel the heat to be too much is when we are being really active – moving furniture, vacuuming, mopping, heavy work in the yard, that kind of thing. I actually love the humidity and the way my skin feels all soft and nice.

      The dogs seem fine, we take our walks in the morning and the rest of the time they just play and sleep and follow us around. Of course the tile floors are cool.

      I had a terribly dry nose and sort of nosebleed when we were in DF and my eyes were uncomfortable. I did feel the altitude, too, but not too much. I’m sure your doggie will love it.

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