Two week progress report

November 8, 2007

We are in the midst of our courtyard remodel. Above are a couple of “before” pictures:

As you can see there are chipped tiles, a big empty space, an irregular step, overgrown plants, etc.

The windows on the floor above take the southern sun directly so we are having shed roofs made with tile above the three upstairs windows. A shed roof with three posts will support a cover over the walkway area and also shield the doors below from the rain and beating sun. New tile will be laid, a fountain installed, and the landscaping improved. The palm will stay but the schefflera will be limbed up and the rest of the plantings removed and new soil added.

The first thing they did was set up scaffolding and then start pounding out the concrete to attach the roof supports to the house. The structure is going to be made out of concrete so they need to go back to the house rebar to attach the rebar for the roof. One unique thing about the team working here is that they use a kind of mini jackhammer to remove the concrete. Most of that kind of work in México is done by hand.

The concrete that they are using for the visible parts is colored the same color as the wood trim on our house and is formed inside wood so that it actually looks like wood! And it really does!

After those cured they started making the forms for the roof. They use styrofoam to help reduce the weight of the roof structure.

The concrete is mixed by hand on the ground and then sent up the scaffolding by a pulley.

This morning they are putting the concrete in the roof sections. We are really going to be excited to see these revealed! Once they’re done with the three small roofs I imagine the next thing they do is work on the long roof on the main floor. They have already dug three huge footings for the support posts.

I’ll post some pictures when the courtyard work is done – we hope sometime before Christmas!

(all pictures enlarge if you click them)

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I'm Nancy, a US expat living in San Antonio Tlayacapan, Jalisco after 11 years in Mazatlán, México.

    1. Real scaffolding? Wow you have a first rate crew! I know you are going to have fun with your patio landscaping.

    1. It’s a beautiful patio that I’m sure will only get better. What fun! Exciting that you are putting your stamp on the house and getting it just how you want it. I’m just a tad jealous, we’re still waiting on permits. sigh…

    1. I cant wait to see the finished patio! It is going to look awesome I am sure!!

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