Quickie Update

August 28, 2007

We got our FM3’s and menaje approval on the same day we submitted for them! Crazy! I really, really, hope that there will never be a reason for anyone except customs people to take a close look at the pictures. They are pretty horrifying. At least I hope we don’t really look like that!

We are heading out this morning to our son’s family in Bellingham. The air is crisp and there is fall in the air. I plan on taking the grandkids school shopping. Paul is hoping that everyone will have fun playing with his new Nintendo Wii. The dogs and parrot are looking forward to the car ride. It will be kind of a preview of our big trip that is coming up soon.

Almost more than anything, though, Paul and I are looking forward to sitting in a comfortable chair! (Just kidding)

More about Nancy

I'm Nancy, a US expat living in San Antonio Tlayacapan, Jalisco after 11 years in Mazatlán, México.

    1. Nancy and Paul,
      How well I remember the garage sales, the giving of gifts to firends, the rounds of dinners and farewell visits.
      During our last week in San Jose Ca, I called our closest friends, calendar in hand and set up nights for them to cook for us…it was great fun!
      Seven years later, I can recall the trip south with joy and fear.
      My daughter had burned a CD and forbid us to play it until we were approaching the border. it was a talk show she scripted with our favorite songs as background. We laughed and cried and exulted in the journey ahead.
      It won’t all be easy, but it will make the juices flow!
      Congratulations. Bienvenidos a Mexico.

    1. Cool that you have documents! I am using your count down clock as for some reason it looks like we are on the same departure schedule – I thought you were going on the 1st? In any case the countdown clock works for us – thanks –

      John & Anita

    1. I first found your blog when you were months away from leaving. Now, with only 15 days before your departure I just wanted to say that its been a pleasure to read about your adventures leading up the move. Congrats on your amazing organizing skills and I look forward to reading about your life in Mazatlan!

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