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April 13, 2007

It has been a while since I posted since the projects I am doing around here don’t really seem blog-worthy. I spend my days painting, caulking, shopping at Home Depot and working outside when the weather permits. We seem to have had endless days of rain at least part of the day, so outside projects have been mostly abandoned for now.

I finished painting the laundry room and got it put back together after the handyman installed the lower cabinets and the new laundry sink. It looks so nice! Most of the rooms in our house have color on the walls, but I decided to paint the laundry room white. With white cabinets and washer and dryer, two florescent lights, a skylight and a window, the room is almost blindingly bright. I guess it will make it easy to match socks!

My eBay auctions are getting lots of hits but they end on Sunday, so I have my fingers crossed. These are first edition Yeats and Cather, and I have high hopes for them. I am putting some more books on eBay this Sunday (you want the auctions to end on Sunday for maximum bidding) and I created a homemade light box for taking pictures of the books. I have a lot more pictures to take – being an inexperienced photographer meant that it took me a while to figure out that I should use the self-timer in order to reduce movement – and reduce blurring.

This weekend I am hoping for decent weather so Paul and I can move a LOT of wood chips. The weeds are getting a foothold and I want to bury them under 4-5 inches of chips. Paul is itching to get some more pressure washing done….one of the outside chores he really loves – maybe as much as I love my weed whacking.

We have been looking at houses in Mazatlan on the web and are collecting places that we want to see when we are down there in May. The excitement builds every day as we get closer and closer to selling the house and actually moving!

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