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April 5, 2007


The kitchen seat still needs a couple of throw pillows but I am very happy with how it turned out.

We started this blog to document the process of our move to Mexico, and right now most of our focus is on getting our house and property ready to sell.

It is exciting now because everything I do is so visible. We still have a lot to do but I have a week-by-week to-do list and so far our progress is just what I wanted.

This week I have repainted the terra cotta wall in our kitchen. I also painted the seat in the kitchen and found ready-made cushions for it. I cleaned the carpet in the basement room – so now we don’t have to replace it!

Our Maytag dishwasher was subject to a recall and after a lot of hassle I negotiated that they would reimburse us the price of the dishwasher when we bought it. It was funny to me that they have an “escalation team” who made the decision to reimburse us $499 when the only thing they offered originally was the repair made at no cost…of course after waiting two months they said the part wouldn’t be available for another three weeks! Score one for Nancy! I have a new dishwasher being installed on Friday, which should be another plus for when we sell the house.

Last weekend we went to several “Open Houses” to see how our house stacks up. Then we met with a realtor and reviewed her comparative market analysis. We were pretty pleased about the market value and feel if we price it right we shouldn’t have too much trouble selling. Interest rates are still ok, and activity out here is warming up now that it’s spring.

My birthday came and went this week, too….although it really continues since Adam and Martha will be here from Mexico City this weekend to help celebrate. Son Phil and our grandkids are coming from Bellingham, also. Daughter-in-law Jen is staying home to take care of the business so they can come down.

Adam is planning on really limiting his time in the US this year so that he won’t have to pay US taxes – so this trip is a real treat. He has business up here and then heads to El Salvador for more business. Martha just finished Mexico Fashion Week and said she is bringing show-and-tell for the event so we can see what it was like. Who knows, maybe we’ll be down there for next October’s Fashion Week!

Phil and the kids are always up to something new. Hopefully he will bring his pickup truck so he can take the pinball machine we are giving him, as well as the ladder and other miscellaneous household goods. It will be fun to have an Easter egg hunt with the kids, and I imagine the Easter bunny will find them here, and maybe also at home!

So, life continues, and the house continues to look better and better. Today since it is gorgeous and sunny I plan on spending the day weed whacking instead of inside painting. I can always paint on a rainy day, but a gorgeous day like this is too nice to spend inside!

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I'm Nancy, a US expat living in San Antonio Tlayacapan, Jalisco after 11 years in Mazatlán, México.

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    1. A happy belated birthday to you! Your place looks incredible, from the photos you’ve posted, and I know how satisfying it can feel to have tangible, visible results come from checking things off a “to-do” list. Congratulations!

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