Why Mexico?

January 11, 2007

There are many reasons that we want to move to Mexico, and I thought I’d explain a few of them. These are not in order of importance!

1. Because We Can Retire.

Paul is going to be 62 in June. I’m 9 years younger. If we are going to be able to both retire, we really can’t do it here. Given our financial circumstances, if Paul were to retire here and take his social security and pensions, I would have to work. Health insurance alone would probably be more than $600/month. The thing is, we want to be together. We only found each other 9 years ago so we don’t want to spend the next 9 years with me working full time and him retired. So, the fact that we can live for less in Mexico is a big factor.

2. Mexican Spirit

Mexico is a happy place. People smile all the time. People from all walks of life smile at each other. You just don’t see the wariness, defensiveness, and hostility that are typical in the US. Old men in cowboy hats smile. Children hiding behind their mothers smile. People say “good morning” as they pass on the street. Teenage girls walk along arm in arm. People still dress up. Families walk to the square on Sundays. It’s just nice!

3. Mexican Generosity

Acts of generosity are typical in Mexico. People will welcome you into their homes and be generous and warm very easily. I wrote about this on my other blog here. I can’t explain it better than I did there so check it out.

4. Joyfulness

I can’t explain how wonderful it makes me feel to be a part of the joyful world of Mexico. Mexicans really know how to have fun. People dance. People smile. Kids seem happy and content. Once in Jalisco we were treated to a huge impromptu parade when Chivas won a big game. Everyone was happy and excited! Weekends in the zocalo are such a treat of families and vendors and happy faces.

5. Spirituality

I am not a religious person. Not in the conventional, church-going sense, anyway. But I do consider myself a spiritual person, and I have a feeling of connection with humanity and a sense of grateful-ness…. But one thing I love about Mexico is the connection with spirtuality, whether it be the church or the semi-occult. The contrast between religious-ness in the US and in Mexico is startling. You don’t see any holier-than-thou attitudes or right wing pandering.

6. Acceptance

Mexicans seem more accepting of people who are different. They don’t worry about it, they just accept you.

7. Boring Days

Life can have its boring side sometimes, where you get up, clean the house, go to the store, etc. The most boring day would be more lively and interesting in Mexico.

8. Challenge

This really has less to do with Mexico and more with us. We want a challenge in this next chapter of our lives. Learning a new language, navigating in a new culture and country and making friends there – while retaining our friends here….will give us the challenge we want. Or more!


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More about Nancy

I'm Nancy, a US expat living in San Antonio Tlayacapan, Jalisco after 11 years in Mazatlán, México.

    1. Your list sounds so similiar to the way ours did before our move.
      You are right, even boring days of housework and shopping are more fun and interactive here.
      Have fun planning, bet you wish that countdown clock would move faster.

    1. Don’t forget about better food for less; great weather; lower cost of living; and YES lots of adventure will keep you alive for many years to come.

      Juan Calypso

    1. You go, Girl! I’m just a few years behind you and I’m moving there. There’s no place like Latin country.
      The people know that being with family and being happy is more important than buying a new Mercedes.
      The frosting on the cake; it’s so beautiful and inexpensive to live there.

    1. I agree with you tango,brenda and anonymous, there is no place like Mexico, I, too, live there, and there is nothing wrong with a Mercedes, we even have a Mercedes dealer in Culiacan since january 2007.Prior to that, we had to go to Guadalajara.
      Welcome to Mazatlan, Paul and Nancy, you are making the right decision. See you in town soon!!!

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