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December 7, 2006


I am starting to feel the pressure to really concentrate on learning Spanish. Our move is coming up fast! Since Paul has more of a facility with languages, I want to make sure I don’t fall behind and then get lazy and let him do most of the talking. So, I am back on a focused language-study program that I made up myself.

First, I am re-listening to the Michel Thomas cd’s that we have. His way of teaching is really good – he puts the responsibility for a student’s learning on the teacher, and tells you not to take notes or otherwise study in conventional ways. His cd’s gave me the biggest jump in skills, but in between trips I have not reviewed and so have not retained everything I should.

Second, I went on the web and found a bunch of podcasts of language learning that I downloaded and put on my mp3 player. We don’t have an ipod but I imagine there are even more for them. These I use when I take the dogs on a walk or work in the garden. I even have them going as I clean house, etc. It’s amazing how effective they are.

Third, I went to my library’s website and downloaded mp3 files of Pimsleur’s lessons. They have the full range so I am just going to work my way through one after the other. I like the mp3 player because you don’t have to fiddle with cd’s but I do use cd’s in the house when I am sitting still – like knitting.

Fourth, I plan on spending at least a half hour per day studying with some Spanish textbooks we own – or reading Spanish Reader’s Digest magazines. We are already watching a half hour travel show in Spanish every night, and really enjoying it. (Fuera de Serie)

In a month or so I am going to see how I’m doing with this. Then I’ll either advertise for someone local to talk to me, or I’ll call my son and his wife on my low cost phone card for practice. I may even purchase the more advanced Michel Thomas cd’s.

Stay tuned…and wish me luck!


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    1. Hi Nancy, thanks for the compliments on my site. I really like getting feedback from people. It makes you feel like you are not alone out there in cyberspace. LOL
      Could you put a link on your site for your libraries website? I would love to download the Pimsleur stuff also. Thanks. Brenda

    1. Wow, Nancy-
      It sounds like you have put together a really good program for yourself. The reading and t.v. are both excellent ways to reinforce what you’re learning, and since you’re in the business of mp3’s, you might consider downloading some music in Spanish, too. If you need any suggestions, feel free to contact me and I’d be happy to give you some ideas. Buena suerte!

    1. Brenda,

      The library website I was referring to is my local library here in the states….and in order to get library access you need to live in the library service area and show proof, etc.

      Sorry about that!


    1. Hi Nancy:

      I use Pimsleur’s lesson – for a viejo type they are very good. I load them in my iPod and flail away at it.

      Juan Calypso

    1. Nancy,

      I really like NetFlix for their large selection of movies in Spanish. For the last 6 months or so I’ve watched probably 2 movies in spanish per week! You might also want to see if there is a group in your area. I go to a Spanish language meetup in Northern NJ and it is phenomenal! I get to practice my Spanish and meet new people!

      Good Luck!

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