Hand-Me-Down Holidays

December 11, 2006


If you’re one of the people on my gift list this year, don’t be surprised if you receive a gift from me that was lovingly selected from my own cupboards and shelves.

We are moving next year, and I am in battle mode to deal with the incredible quantity of “stuff” that surrounds us.

We’re not pack rats…our house isn’t messy – it’s just that we have lots of books and cherished objects that have been a part of our lives for a long time. It’s impossible for me to just give it all to Goodwill and forget it.

So, this year I am giving treasured items to all of the people on my list. Hopefully they will like this even better than a gift purchased new for them in a store…and they can also remember that next year at this time I’ll probably be sending them a Mexican handcrafted gift.

Oh…if you’re thinking of buying ME a gift this year – DON’T! Save the money so you can come visit us once we’re settled down south!


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    1. I think that is a wonderful thing to do for Christmas. I think we should all do that, even if we aren’t moving!

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