February, Come Quick!

November 28, 2006


It is snowy here and the news is full of snarled traffic and 20 hour commutes in the sudden icy weather. I am very glad I’m not working now…no worries for me about a commute. But the cold weather – it’s about 20 degrees out – makes me long for Mexico.

We’ve booked our next trip – in early February. We’ll spend a week in Mazatlan and a week in Queretaro. We’ll be staying in B & B’s. Our plan is to try to visit these towns as though we actually live there. Have our normal walk in the morning as though the dogs were with us…find a coffee shop, the best grocery store, etc. I’m sure we’ll do some touristy things, too…but we are really going to try to evaluate them as actual places to live.

Paul has never traveled by bus in Mexico, so that should be fun for him. We plan on flying from Mazatlan to Mexico City and then taking a bus to Queretaro. We will probably also visit San Miguel de Allende and we’ll travel there by bus, too.

Queretaro is close enough to Mexico City that I imagine we’ll be able to convince Adam and Martha to drive up and visit us! We have plans to visit them when we return to Mexico City to head home, but it would be neat if they came to Queretaro, too. You might wonder why we don’t just stay a few days with them – but we feel strongly that we need a week to really know a place so we don’t want to cut our time too short.

If any readers have comments or suggestions about things we shouldn’t miss doing or seeing, we’d love to hear from you.


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    1. We are 30-something expats living in Mazatlan and love it! I can certainly give you a few suggestions as to things to do. Check with the opera house (Angela Peralta Theatre) there are often concerts, etc. Right in front of that is the Plaza Machado, awesome place for evening dining – lots of resturants. The baseball games are a blast. Go Venados Go! Make the trip to Stone Island for the afternoon. Go to Victor’s and have some great seafood and sit under the palapa or swing in a hammock and watch the waves all day. Purple Onion, Heather’s, Canucks and Gus Gus are all good places to hear live music. Jungle Juice and Mambo Cafe are good for dancing. If you like hiking, hike to the El Faro lighthouse. Certainly worth it for the views. Estrella del Mar has the most beautiful golf course I have ever seen, much less played, several holes play right along the beach. Head for the mountains and visit Copala, about an hours drive from the city. Feel free to email me with any questions!

    1. I remember this day. Took me 9 hours to get Cap hill to shoreline. Ugggghhhh! We are planning PV in october for vacation then zihua for a repeat research trip. Preparing our house to sell just like you did! Starting at the beggining and trying to catch up to your current life. Viva Mexico! Cheers.

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