The First Olas Altas Pedestrian Only Night

November 18, 2017

Last night we walked over to Olas Altas after 6 to see if the city actually closed the street as they had said they would.  On our way we passed by the Inn at Centro Historico and found that many of the streets in Centro were closed, not just Olas Altas!  Understandably there were many puzzled drivers trying to figure out a way to their destinations.  Valet parking stands were everywhere, though!

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We walked down Angel Flores – it is almost done – and looks beautiful – including the stairs to Pedrogoso.  It was only about 6:30 when we got to Olas Altas so the pedestrian traffic was limited. I’m sure it was a fun evening, though.  We saw some kids riding bikes in the street and everyone was enjoying the novelty and serenity of a road without traffic.

We walked down Sixto Osuna on our way to Water’s Edge Bistro for a glass of wine and some Asian fusion food and sat at one of their outside tables.  Sixto Osuna was closed to traffic as well, and we were told there was going to be a parade – that the Governor was in town celebrating the improvements downtown.  We had hardly settled in (what a nice breeze last night) when we heard the oompa oompa of a tuba and small banda band and a small group of jesters and whatnot passed by.  There’s a short video below.  Not the normal parade by Mazatlán standards, for sure.  We never did see the Governor and it wasn’t long before the roads (other than Olas Altas) were reopened.

Various media report that the pedestrian only Olas Altas will be from 6 pm to 1 am either every day or only on weekends.  I can’t tell you which it is, we might just have to wait and see!  


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    1. The governor was here on the Isla having dinner with a bunch of folks from the University.s

      Getting to EL Recreo last night by pulmonia was almost impossible. Traffic jams everywhere. Great concept but it needs some work ro improve traffic flow.

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