I hate air conditioning

May 21, 2016

It’s been just about a week that we’ve been sleeping with the air conditioning on.  It’s hard to sleep without it when it’s humid,  as at night especially the weather is sticky and unpleasant.

From November through mid-May we sleep with the air flowing through and a couple of fans going, both to stir the air and block the street noise.  I like hearing the rumble of the fans and the occasional barking dog, garbage truck, loud car, or church bells.  The weather during those months is close to perfect here, and it is sleeping nirvana almost.

But of course the doors have to be shut to turn on the air conditioning.  The air conditioner is almost silent so we put on a fan to make some white noise.  The first night we put it on 25 dehumidify (77 F) which was way too cold.  We didn’t even have the cover on the bed – it stays off most of the winter – so we froze!  The next night we cranked it up to 26 dehumidify (79F) and changed the fan for a less powerful one and still froze.  In the several days since we have put the cover back on the bed, changed the fans, changed the temperature, I have changed what I wear to bed and I am STILL freezing!

I know we’ll get it right soon but we are just not used to being that cool.  I think the sweet spot will be 27 dehumidify, (80.6F) with the cover on the bed and a t-shirt and shorts and the fan on low. Maybe then I ‘ll get a decent night’s sleep.

I’ve thought about sleeping in a hammock in the courtyard but with most of our rain coming in the middle of the night it might not be the most restful sleep either. For now, it’s air conditioning for us, and hopefully we’ll get our arrangement settled soon.

At the top is a picture of a summertime sky.

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More about Nancy

I'm Nancy, a US expat living in San Antonio Tlayacapan, Jalisco after 11 years in Mazatlán, México.

    1. Nancy,

      Had to chuckle about your struggle to find the right temperature for sleeping with the AC. Finding a good temperature is a struggle at my house too. My wife is always hot and I’m usually cold. She’d like to have the AC thermostat set at 76 or lower. I like it higher.

      Living without AC could be a BIG challenge for us, if and when, we finally get to try out life in Mexico.

      Good luck finding that Goldilocks “just right” sleeping temperature.


    1. Wow …. and you’re way up north from us. Night time temperatures are in the low 70’s here in southern Jalisco. A few weeks ago temps were in the low 60’s

    1. I have eld out against air conditioning for eight years now. The dog may change that decision. With his heavy coat, he loves anything cool. The pool. The air conditioning in the car. The tile floors. We shall se how he does.

    1. I HATE air conditioning too Nancy. Luckily we have no need for such here in the mountains – except for about 10 days in May. Yes, it gets up in the high 90’s with humidity about 20%, and at night gets in the high 50’s, but a little blip of a/c on those days might be nice.

      Otherwise, the ceiling fans are enough. When I go to Texas and have to suffer through a/c while I”m up there in may/june, I get sick every single time!

      And, of course, when the rainy season begins mid-June, our temps plummet to the temps of Fall in the USA. Mid 70’s during the day to low 80’s and 50’s at night.
      I love snuggling under the covers! And, we put away the gauzy clothes and go back to long pants and long sleeve shirts!

    1. Hola Nancy!

      Your post reminded me of my days in Houston. As a San Franciscan, I wasn’t able to live without a/c in Houston, but the noise bothered me a lot at night. So I’d usually cool the bedroom until I went to sleep, and then I’d switch the a/c off. In the morning, I’d wake to a hot, humid bedroom, but that’s not so bad if you’ve been lying still for eight hours.

      Here in DF it has gotten warm (mid 80’s F) and I keep debating whether to buy a fan or not, but so far I’m “toughing it out,” haha. The summer rains have begun, so it tends to cool off at night anyway.

      Maybe time to visit your kids here? Let me know if you come. I’d love to see you.


      Kim G
      CDMX, México
      Where we’re finding all the complaints about the “oppressive heat” to be rather amusing.

      1. Troy, Thanks! I think we found our sweet spot at 27 and a low fan.

        Sparks, Our humidity has been in the 80’s so that’s what makes the nights so tough.

        Steve, The things we do for our pets!

        Babs, The problem for me is the adjustment period, once I’ve adjusted, I’m good.

        Kim, Our granddaughter is doing a “semester abroad” in DF starting in August and she’s going to live with her aunt and uncle (my son & his family) in Roma Norte so Paul and I will be going back and forth a fair bit through the summer and fall. We’ll be sure to let you know when we’re coming, we’d love to get together too!

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