Bait and Switch

October 16, 2015

Last week we had a bit of rain and then a few days of cool. One night we didn’t even use the air conditioning to sleep! I got all excited because it seemed like the weather might have decided to break early, but sadly the hot weather is back. It’s getting a bit wearisome right about now. We do fine – mostly – until October. That’s when we are so sick of the heat we could scream. Most years we go to Mexico City in October for a break and to visit family, but not this year. We are excited to spend Christmas there this year, though! It can’t come fast enough for me.

People ask “how do you stand to stay all summer?” but we do have breaks here and there. I always go to the US for a couple of weeks and often Paul goes somewhere for language immersion classes. This year he didn’t, but we did have a short trip to Durango that cooled us down a bit. We have fans everywhere in the house and only use the AC in the evenings if we watch TV and for sleeping. Although I will admit we sometimes turn the AC on during the day for a siesta, a treadmill workout or a movie.

We sure eat differently during the summer. I have been on a kick of smoothies for breakfast, salads for lunch, and grapefruit with celery and peanut butter for dinner. It sounds strange but when it’s hot I just crave these cool refreshing foods.

During the hot days this week I decided it was high time to mess about with the blog. I’ll be making more changes in the future as I need to get a different theme (this one is no longer supported and not mobile friendly) but it felt nice to freshen it up a bit. Can you tell I like orange? It’s my favorite color! My Fitbit is orange, my running shoes are orange, and my phone case is orange, as you can see, above.

The expected day for the weather to break is November 7. Please let it be early this year!

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I'm Nancy, a US expat living in San Antonio Tlayacapan, Jalisco after 11 years in Mazatlán, México.

    1. As we will be there on the 31st and are total wimps when it comes to all that heat and humidity, please please let it be November 7th!

      1. It’ll be great to have you back in town, I’ll keep my fingers crossed for an early cooldown!

      1. Renee, Thank you!

        Kim, I’m not sure what happened, others have had not reported problems and I sent test emails that had no problem. Will keep checking. Thanks.

    1. Love my fitbit, presently I am wearing an orange band, but I bought a pack of ten clones so I can change it up.

    1. Nancy,

      Define ‘hot’. I know you come from the northwest so your definition of hot is likely different from mine since I live in Texas. I have another online friend who splits his time between Vancouver Island and Mazatlan. I asked him why he didn’t live in Mazatlan year round and he said the same thing, it’s too hot! So, how hot is hot?


      1. Troy, well…. Hot is when you sit down on the toilet and the seat is HOT. If you walk barefoot on your tile floors, they are hot! There is no cold water to be had, sometimes lukewarm if you’re lucky. It’s the humidity that gets us here, usually 85% or higher. Here’s a screen shot from the weather station around the corner from my house in Centro:

        Our daughter from New York City says it’s no worse than summer in NY, just longer (June 1 to Nov 7), and with less air conditioning. Many people including us, only have AC in the bedrooms for sleeping. So in a word, hot is hot!

    1. Nancy,

      Your response generated a big laugh and a smile. Yes, that is hot! However, I prefer a hot toilet seat over a cold one and a hot shower over a cold one:-).

      Can’t wait to come down and experience the hot weather or myself.


    1. Hola Nancy!

      I’d love to be in a place like Puerto Escondido so I can finally learn to surf. But I couldn’t stand to live in such a hot, unairconditioned place in the summer. Though I did my undergraduate degree in Houston, which is hot and humid most of the time, everything there is airconditioned to near-arctic temperatures inside, so you can sort of escape it. In Mexico? It seems like airconditioning is the exception. It’s a pity because Mazatlán, Puerto Vallarta, and any number of other coastal cities are incredibly charming, and I love the ocean. But after 20 years in Boston, I’m more suited to cold than hot. So I think I’m more likely to end up in the central highlands, probably Mexico City.

      As for orange, have you ever been to the Wynn Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas? It’s done up in various shades of orange and yellow. Though it might sound a bit odd, it’s really quite beautiful.


      Kim G
      Boston, MA
      Where we too like orange, and think it’s a particularly good color in Mexico.

      1. Hi Kim, Glad your comment finally made it through! Excellent! I think the last time I was in Las Vegas was something like 2004 or 2005, and I don’t recall Wynn Hotel. Next time! Thanks for commenting amigo

    1. A ‘refreshing’change, love it. Thank goodness we are delayed and only arriving Nov 15th.

    1. nancy, I miss you! Love your blog. Things are going better for me. I’m moving back to Washington, to Ocean Shores and I’m excited. I’ll send you an email and tell you about my life. I am a lot better and still missing my soul mate but the initial hard road of grief is a lot better. Love, Jan

    1. I love having bowls full of fresh fruit in season, too. I try to steer John away from sandwiches for lunch (acck peanut butter) to sliced fruit and a wedge of cheddar or smoothie, instead. I know when I am gone he reverts, though. ha.

      I so enjoy making healthy vegetarian pizzas, too, with kale and chard from the garden (the ONLY thing I can grow) Bobby Flay’s pizza dough recipe, nice and thin. I know you don’t eat cheese anymore, so if you ever visit I will have to bone up on unique salads. 😉

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