Pacific Northwest Perfection

August 8, 2014

If you know the Pacific Northwest, you know that July and August are the best months of the year. There’s abundant sunshine, lovely fruits and vegetables, cool fresh water, great hiking, and so much more. I had a wonderful time visiting family this year, as you can see by the pictures here. At the top of the post are some photos taken at my cousin’s house in Lacey. His garden is beautiful, as you can see. He and I had such a nice time… we talked and talked, ate delicious gazpacho, visited with some of his friends, and of course drank some nice wine, too. We went for a short hike down to the Sound, which really took me back to our time living in Lakebay on the Key Peninsula… from the beach we could actually see the southern tip of the Key. A few photos are below.

Trip2 After my visit with my cousin I headed North to Bellingham to visit with my son and his family. I love those guys so much! It’s a big transition year for them as our granddaughter heads to college (Gulp! In about a week!) and our grandson will start high school in the fall. Of course they indulged me and we headed to the Farmer’s Market right away. Check out some of the produce we bought, below. I was in heaven.


Lake Whatcom isn’t far from their house and we always go out on their boat. This time we took lunch and then spent some time swimming and relaxing. The dog also likes to fetch her ball over and over so of course we did that, too. Below is a picture I took on my walk one morning. Gorgeous.


We watched movies, had a long, relaxing fire in the firepit outside, ate out a few times, did a bit of shopping, and just basically hung out. It was exactly what I wanted! The last day I was there we had a fabulous hike up by Mt. Baker, hiking along the Nooksack River. It was fantastic. Mossy, cool and refreshing. Pictures from our hike are below.

Trip5I’m so glad I stopped us along the trail and asked if I could take a picture of the four of them, aren’t they a wonderful crew. I am so lucky.


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I'm Nancy, a US expat living in San Antonio Tlayacapan, Jalisco after 11 years in Mazatlán, México.

    1. Beautiful photos and those veggies…WOW! The Pacific Northwest is one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen. Going back soon (I’m in Puerto Vallarta) as I just find Mexico too hot. It’s not for everyone,just as the Northwest isn’t everyone’s favorite.

    1. Thanks for sharing the photographs. You are correct — nothing is better than summer in the Pacific Northwest. I enjoyed my brief three weeks in Bend in July.

    1. So glad you had such a fantastic trip. It sounds as though it was nurturing and rejuvenating. I have never been to the Pacific Northwest, you have inspired me to go!

      1. Linda, I hope you have a good time back in the Pacific NW.

        Steve, A break in the NW is always a nice summertime idea.

        Judith, You should visit there, c’mon over when I’m there one summer!

    1. Oh my, those photos make me feel very nostalgic. The Pacific North West is so beautiful this time of year. I am very happy here in Mexico and for the most part I really don’t think about it, but when I see your beautiful pictures it does make me the tiniest bit homesick.

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