A Tropical Thunderstorm

June 25, 2014

The climate here in Mazatlan is described as “transitional tropical wet and dry” but tonight it was entirely wet around here! The thunder, lightning and rain started around 11:30 and in the hour and a half since we have received about three inches of rain. I know how much rain by looking at the change in water level in our fountain, but if you ever want to know the weather right in the center of Centro near the Mercado, just click on the Weather Underground widget in the panel on the left of your screen. It’s reporting that we’ve had 2.27 inches of rain tonight so far.

Below is a video I took out one of our upstairs windows to show you what it’s like here in one of these big rains. The video is dark with flashes of lightning but the main fun of it is the crashes of thunder. Hope you enjoy it!

Now I wonder if I’ll be able to get back to sleep tonight?

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