Beached Sei Whale Rescued near Mazatlán

June 5, 2014

There was a lot of excitement at Stone Island yesterday afternoon when a 12 meter (39 ft) long Sei whale washed up on shore. A joint effort ensued that included locals, tourists, waiters, students, lifeguards and marines. The fabulous pictures included on this post are with thanks to David Densberger. I sure wish I could have been a part of helping this amazing creature get back out into the open ocean where it belonged.



Whale Mazatlan





SAD UPDATE: The Noroeste reports that the whale has since been discovered dead.

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I'm Nancy, a US expat living in San Antonio Tlayacapan, Jalisco after 11 years in Mazatlán, México.

    1. I have friends who were there but these photos are spectacular. So happy the whale was rescued.

    1. Thanks for sharing those great photos. I love it when all the kind folks there pull together for something like this. It was a monumental task and I hope the whale moved on out to sea.

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