Morning in Mazatlán

April 14, 2014

For the last two months I have been taking a long walk on the malecón nearly every morning. Some days I walk past Los Pinos, some days I head straight to Playa Norte. Some days I walk on the beach and some on the pavement. Every day is unique and wonderful.

These walks are a chance for me to listen to an audio book or music and just absorb nature’s gifts. And yes, it truly is sunny nearly every morning.

As I walk along I often think I should take a photo to share with you, but instead I keep the camera in my pocket and stay in the present moment, just appreciating the beautiful things I see. I thought I should describe some of what I see to you with the hope that you’ll understand what a treat these lovely mornings are.

AtPlaya Norte, one man is always working away at his nets while others play dominoes. Often a group of men help a panga to the shore – rotating logs front to back to convey it up the beach. There are always a group of men descaling and filleting fish and sometimes throwing scraps to the frigate birds. Pelicans and seagulls wait patiently near the fish filleting area.

The skate park is used in the morning sometimes for zumba or other exercise classes. Today it looked to be some kind of yoga. Old, young, fat and thin… they were being led by a very stern but fit looking man. All of them were perspiring but seemed to be enjoying themselves. Nearby young men climb the ropes and work out on the rings and monkey bars. They wear gloves and appear serious about their workouts.

A little further along there is always a crowd of men and women at the Club de Natación. Dozens swim every morning and then gather to talk before or after. On the weekends the crowds swell and include lots of younger people and those having lessons.

On the beach near the Club de Natación last Saturday people were jumping over a sawhorse contraption and being cheered by an enthusiastic crowd. There were lots of people digging holes and more playing volleyball.

In the early morning the sandpipers are scurrying here and there, finding breakfast in the sand. The water is lukewarm, just the perfect temperature. The froth and foam tickle my feet and the water cools and refreshes me. Occasionally a swimmer moves parallel to the shore, but most enjoy the water by jumping and body surfing not too far out.

Lone fishermen catch fish by holding a single line. When I near they move the line close to the sand with a smile so I can step over it. A dog runs along with a mostly deflated soccer ball, bounding through the waves so proud of his catch.

A man near the shore is stretched into what appears to be a difficult yoga pose, staying in position for a long time. Near him a group just finished meditating, still sitting cross-legged on the sand.

Up on the pavement as I turn to head home I encounter a flock of cleaners enthusiastically sweeping the sand off the malecón surface. Huge blocks of ice have been delivered and stand in puddles waiting for the palapa restaurants to retrieve them. Bicyclists whiz by, wearing helmets and skin tight cycling gear. Interspersed are slower bicyclists with boxes on the back of their bikes filled with construction tools or fishing gear.

There are people jogging and people running. Some walk fast, pumping their arms while holding colored hand weights. Some stroll quietly, lost in their own thoughts. I smile, they smile, we mostly greet each other with a smile or a buen dia as we pass.

Vendors start setting up their tourist trinkets for sale – sunglasses, coco purses, hats, carved wood animals and stiff inflated puffer fish. One man and I always greet each other, part of our shared fabric of morning on the malecón.

I hope you enjoyed coming along on my walk with me.

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More about Nancy

I'm Nancy, a US expat living in San Antonio Tlayacapan, Jalisco after 11 years in Mazatlán, México.

    1. Nancy, What a lovely post! I took the walk with you just now– what a welcome respite from the view outside my window in Minnesota– snow still lingering in the shady part of the yard and in the woods. My walk this morning was brisk– I walked quickly as the wind was sharp and biting, even if the pavement was dry and only slippery in a few spots. Longing for retirement.. the last child graduates in a few months and is off to college in the fall. Maybe next year after she’s settled… dreaming of our own countdown to Mexico.

    1. I’m curious how Semana Santa will change your walk. Though I suppose the same people will be out in the morning, there may be a few more. I like how in the afternoon Playa Norte is covered in people. One would be hard pressed to find a spot in the sand!

    1. That was 100 times better than a picture. I love the way you embrace every moment. Everyone should appreciate all these little joys wherever they are every day.

    1. Hi there, You did a great job describing your walk. I could actually visualize every bit of it as I’ve walked those places often. Now that we are in Washington for the summer, this brings me just a little closer to our winter home. Thanks for the word pictures.
      Janice & Joel

      1. Rebecca, Thank you! And good luck on your own Countdown.

        Michael, I have a feeling my walk is going to be a lot different during Semana Santa. I’ll probably head out earlier. Going to be different this year!

        Barbara, Thank you! Hope to see you back here one day.

        Peter, Gracias 🙂

        Andrea, That’s so nice of you to say. Every day really is a joy.

        Janice, Hope you have a wonderful summer, glad you enjoyed the walk!

    1. Thank you. Truly enjoyed accompanying you on your walk.

    1. As I walk along I often think I should take a photo to share with you, but instead I keep the camera in my pocket and stay in the present moment, just appreciating the beautiful things I see.

      You are a wise woman. Sometimes cameras get in the way of just enjoying the day. But you ave taken it one step further with your camera of words — letting us not only be part of your walk, but part of your essay.

      I am sitting in Mexico City right now watching a lightening light show. I am ready for the summer — as long as we get some of our marvelous rain storms.

    1. Always enjoy your posts! This one makes me feel as if we were walking with you. Kids are graduating college, one in May and one in June, this means we have one more year in the states and off to Mazatlan we go to enjoy Mazatlan and the family we have down there. ( Of course kids can “visit” whenever they want)!

    1. Thank you for taking us along on your walk. I felt transported to my old home. And I am so glad you are experiencing such joy!

      1. Kathie, You are so welcome, it was nice to walk with you!

        Steve, Thanks! Have fun in DF.

        Sheri, Yay, another person with their own “countdown.”

        Gary, Gracias, señor.

        Judith, You are welcome… I know Maz will always have a place in your heart.

    1. Oh Nancy what a wonderful essay on your morning walk. Wish I was beside you but I feel as if I were, thanks for the gift of that walk.

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