The first few days of Carnaval 2014

March 2, 2014

Carnaval is always so much fun.  This year has been amazing, as the city has absorbed so many visitors, and many of them are from Durango, taking advantage of the new highway.

At the top of this post you see the effigy of Lucero, the Mexican singer and actress who enjoys hunting and killing animals and then posing with their corpses.  Some reports have said she has shot endangered species.  So I think she was a great choice for the Burning of Bad Humor this year.


The photo above is of the scene at Olas Altas where a large crowd is enjoying some musical entertainment.  With so many people Olas Altas is incredibly crowded especially after 10 pm when the headliner music starts.  This Monday Mazatlán favorite Banda El Recodo will be performing, and Tuesday Los Recoditos.  Paul and I don’t plan on heading into this dense of a crowd, instead we like to go early, have a beer or two and then leave early, too. There have been precautions issued you might want to read, here.

Last night was the traditional fireworks show the “Combate Naval” recreating the French firing on Mazatlán and being repulsed. While there were a few technical hiccups it was still a great show.  The photo below shows a couple of guys setting up the fireworks the day before, and the one after that is one of my favorites of the night, with a new kind of firework that looked like a waterfall.




In a couple of hours we will head out to watch the first parade.  It is of course a beautiful day and we hope there will be a spectacular sunset to go along with the amazing floats.

By the way, all of the lovely photos above were sent to me attached to press releases, except the one showing the guys setting up the fireworks.  I’ll be taking my camera to the parade and hope to get some good photos to show you.

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I'm Nancy, a US expat living in San Antonio Tlayacapan, Jalisco after 11 years in Mazatlán, México.

    1. Great piece Nancy, capturing the excitement of the time we are in.

    1. Wow, Nancy! That looks like SOOOOOOO much fun. I wish I were there.

      On the new highway to Durango, that’s 40D? Is is safe? F and I were warned by a waitress not to travel too high up highway 40 as there are bandits there. We did rent a car and go to Concordia and Copala, but no farther. However, my inner motorcyclist wanted very much to go up the whole, twisty way to Durango, which I’ve never seen either.

      I’d still like to drive the road, but am wondering.


      Kim G
      Boston, MA
      Where the main danger on the roads is a fierce combination of cops and ridiculously (seriously) low speed limits.

    1. Nancy,

      Thanks for the link to that article. I saw that bridge on an episode of Los Heroes del Norte and thought to myself, “That’s an AMAZING bridge. I’d love to figure out where it is and drive across it some day.” Now you’ve answered my question!

      Thanks and Saludos,

      K G
      in B

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