Knitting Oaxacan Wool in Sinaloa

March 7, 2012

Hi all!  It has been a busy time lately, but lots of fun.  We’ve been involved in a project that is almost ready to be blogged about, but not quite.  So hang on a bit longer, and take a look at the table mat I finally finished using the wool I bought in Oaxaca last June.

I had intended to felt it but I think I might like it just the way it is.  Plus, when it is felted it will shrink – probably a lot more than I would like. I love the color and what it does for the room, with the same rich burgundy color on the walls. If you’d like the pattern for the table mat, it is the Ten Stitch Twist available on Ravelry./p>

Mazatlan dining room with Oaxacan wool table mat

I’ve started on a throw for our bedroom – our latest project.  We have been overhauling it, trying to give it more personality.  It’s not quite done yet – I need to make the curtains and the throw, of course. I’ll probably show you the results when it’s done.

It seems early to us, but we have already said goodbye to our first snowbird.  He headed back to Canada early to get just a bit of winter weather this year.  We store two bags of his personal items every year, and I get the use of his barbells over the summer, an every day reminder of our friendship.

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I'm Nancy, a US expat living in San Antonio Tlayacapan, Jalisco after 11 years in Mazatlán, México.

    1. I love that! Look at how the colors complement each other. I wonder what they do Oaxaca to get those hues?

      1. Lee, Thanks so much! The Oaxacan wool I purchased from the rug sellers. It is hand carded, spun, and dyed with natural ingredients. Most of the red, purple, and blue hues are made using cochineal, an insect that they pick off the cactus paddles. Combined with lime it goes one color, with baking soda another, etc. If you search on Oaxaca on the blog you’ll see my posts about the yarn and visiting the rug people where they demonstrate all that goes into the dyeing.

        Contessa, Thanks so much!

    1. It looks great on the table. Hmmm. What to do, felt or not. Tough decision!

    1. That IS pretty and so earthy and “real” looking. I have got to get to Oaxaca one day.

    1. good grief, i love that mat on the table. i am so envious of your knitting skills. mine are not that good, but maybe there is hope!!

      1. Laura, Thank you! I can’t take credit for the colors, though!

        Ingrid, I think waiting is the right thing, you will have to tell me what you think.

        Zoe, Thanks… and yes, Oaxaca is not to be missed.

        Linda Lou, Thanks so much, but we all have our talents… I envy yours, too!

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