Mazatlan’s Carnival – Burning of Bad Humor & Naval Combat fireworks

February 19, 2012

Another night, another Carnival event!  What fun!

We headed out to see the Burning of Bad Humor this year – our first time actually making it on time!  The victim this year was Platanito, the comedian who wasn’t funny.  The link on his name goes to an article about his tasteless and painful comments, but he basically referred to the children who died in a daycare fire as “Kentucky Fried Children.”  In my opinion, he was a great choice.  In other years we have burned the guy who blew the words to the national anthem and the drunk guys from Culiacan who came to Mazatlán and lassoed and ruined our beloved Venado (deer) statue.

The video below is from the burning.  I climbed a couple rungs up a scaffolding to film, I hope you like it!

The fireworks last night were fantastic, we were lucky enough to watch them from a roof on Lookout Hill.  I decided to take the night off from picture taking so you’ll have to take my word for it!  If you want to see what these fantastic fireworks are like, though – below is my video from 2010.

We’re off in a few minutes to watch the first parade.  Catch you later!

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    1. Just curious, did you watch the fireworks from our old house? If so, did you feel our ghosts? ‘-)

      1. Zoe, We DID see the fireworks from your old place but no ghosts, sadly!

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