Tres Islas

August 5, 2011

    1. We absolutely love Puerto Azul, Nancy. Glad you’ve found it.

      1. Hi Dianne,
        We have eaten there twice since it re-opened a month or so ago. Paul raves about the food but I go along for the ambiance and service. They have nothing on the menu that is vegetarian for me except onion rings. Both times after some discussion, they made me a salad which was a heap of chopped iceberg lettuce with green pepper, avocado, and shredded carrot on top. We’ll go back, it is such a wonderful setting and the staff is fantastic. But I plan on eating at home first in the future!

      1. Mary – …and they are so friendly and positive, it is great.

        Contessa, We haven’t been to Isla for a while, we’ve been slacking on our retirement duties!

        Duncan, Thanks for coming by! I checked out your blog, too… we love Guadalajara! I’ll be doing some updating to my blog roll this week and will add your blog.

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