Mazatlán art tease

July 16, 2011

Paul and I started a tradition not long after we got married. Instead of buying each other gifts for our birthdays, anniversaries or Christmas, we shop together for artworks for the house. We have bought some wonderful things over the years.  I think it’s a great tradition – instead of a closet full of unworn items  we can enjoy our gifts every day of the year. I’ve been thinking about anniversaries since it is the anniversary today of two of our very favorite friends here… saludos, amigos!

I thought I’d show you a few of our choices – and you’ll notice there are many Mazatlán artists represented among them. After all, we have lived here four years!

Please check out the photo gallery below. I’ll be doing a post on Art in Mazatlán as soon as the town livens up again in the fall. Enjoy!


Art for All Occasions

Our special days are celebrated by jointly choosing art for our home


There are web addresses for most artists, you’ll need to copy and paste, sorry.

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More about Nancy

I'm Nancy, a US expat living in San Antonio Tlayacapan, Jalisco after 11 years in Mazatlán, México.

    1. Thank you, Nancy. You have a wonderful tradition and we have decided to adopt it as of today! We love the artists of Mazatlan, but I was surprised to see your photo of the work of Pablo Corpuz – I don’t remember seeing his work before. The painting is absolutely stunning.

    1. So happy to see apiece of Rafael’s in your house as I hadn’t known you purchased one. I think his work is stunning as is the talent of so many here in Mazatlan. Good tradition, Nancy. I so dislike buying for buying sake.

    1. Wow, for some reason I can see your blog again on my work computer and very happy to be able to do so! I think your tradition is a great idea and think I just might steal your idea. by each artwork you can tell where you were how you came upon it and they become instant conversation pieces.

      Also, thanks for sharing the art in Mazatlan I’ve often wanted to show the local art for the Tepic area. I went into a museum back in February and saw some beautiful pieces.

      1. Judith, Glad you’re adopting the tradition, we love it. Pablo Corpuz is one of our favorite artists, he is right near Ell Faro on Mariano Escobedo.

        Zoe, Yes, we are so happy to have Rafael’s horsewoman in our home.

        Trinidad, Glad you like the tradition, too. I would love to see your report on art in Tepic.

    1. Just another thing we share. Colin and I have always purchased s piece of art to celebrate special moments together. It was difficult downsizing from 5000 sq ft to an RV and a park home. Now we try and find treasures we can enjoy in our various gardens.

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