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October 20, 2010

More project updates!  Here’s the cool top on the kiosko at Plazuela Zaragoza!  I love it! And see the nice spiral staircase going up to the top?  I imagine Danzón on Thursdays will be restarted pretty soon, too.

There is a project to repave around the Plazuela Machado.  Everyone was shocked that the city started this job last week, just when our winter tourist season is about to start!  And given the slow progress at the other civic projects in Centro, I think most people expected this one to be very slow, too.

Plazuela Machado repaving
Plazuela Machado preparation for repaving

I know I showed you the Haas House that was donated to be the new Carnaval Museum.  Work has been ongoing there for quite a while,  and it seems to be getting somewhat closer to finished.  I can’t believe all the changes they were able to get through INAH.  The picture below shows a bunch of ducting, all very visible from the street.

New Carnaval Museo, with ducting

This picture is the one that really gets me – some sort of plastic covered area.  Not anywhere close to my understanding of how a facade is supposed to not be changed from the original in Centro Historico.

See the plaque saying it is a historic monument? And the curved, plastic covered ceiling addition?

I forgot to take a picture of the paving at the Plaza de los Leones (Plazuela Hidalgo) but a bonus is a picture of some upgrading and painting going on at the Hotel Belmar!

Hotel Belmar facade renovations & repainting


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      1. Bob, Bob, Bob… Didn’t your mother ever tell you if you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything?? (I thought I had corrected the slant in the pic enough, but I guess not…)

        Leslie, I am so excited to see how it ends up!

    1. Hi Nancy,
      This is an aside but how about writing a blog in support of the 20 year old woman who just assumed the responsibility of the head of police in one of the border states….cause no one else would. She needs the support of all of Mexico and the US.


      Maybe we can start a movement regarding this. And other blogs will write and show support. Perhaps it will take a woman to bring peace and security back to Mexico!

    1. The Plazuela Zaragoza is really looking great! Where exactly is it located?

      1. Diane, Nice idea.

        Kelly, It is on Zaragoza between Cinco de Mayo and Guillermo Nelson.

    1. Nancy,
      Actually my mother did always say that and I think she just reminded me through you. Thanks for channeling her and please accept my apology although I hope you can believe that I meant no harm.

      1. Bob, Darn it, you took me seriously! Of course I know you meant no harm!

    1. Love it, love it, love it! Think John and I will take a picnic lunch next week and absorb the new atmosphere at Zaragoza Park. (if the benches are up that is) OOPS, second time while I have been at the computer, that a baby gecko ran across the desk. I am charmed by the little critters and seeing lots now.

      Like the idea of some sort of viral support for the young woman police chief.

      1. Zoe, most of the benches are in but only about half the tile still!

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