Carnaval ends with a sigh.

February 17, 2010

Carnaval finished this year with a whimper or a sigh.  I’ll tell more at the end of this post.  But here are a few pictures that I thought you’d like to see… and I also want to encourage you to go to Mexico at Last and read this post about last Saturday night.  Paul and I shared the evening with them and I love the pictures they took of the crowds we encountered on our way home from the fireworks party!  Amazing.

I love the picture above of the stage with a group playing.  Below you’ll see that there is a beer stand!  Way to multi-task, I should say!  This is one of 8 or 9 stages, and they all are playing full blast.  See the huge speakers?

Last night was a gorgeous night.  Below is a picture of one of the most lovely sunsets we’ve seen in a while.  We were chatting with friends a few minutes after the sun went down and it turned out he had seen the green flash tonight!  I keep waiting, but I haven’t seen one yet.


We waited with a subdued crowd for the parade to reach Centro.  There are two parades each year – one on Sunday that goes from the Fisherman’s Monument North to Valentino’s, and the Tuesday one that goes from the Aquarium, South to Olas Altas.  They have the same floats and people.  The one on Tuesday is usually a bit lower energy as everyone has partied all week, but there is usually a big jolt of enthusiasm as they enter Olas Altas.  The picture below shows the scene last night.


The first part of the parade is the sponsor (Pacifico) and commercial vendors.  Sabritas, Señor Frogs, Ford, some radio stations, Coca Cola, Bimbo, and others bring their floats through and pretty girls toss goodies to the crowd. I can’t remember how many of the regular floats came through before there was a flood of people running our way.  It was most surely a panic situation – we asked someone what happened and they said that shots had been fired.

I’ve never witnessed a panic like that – people running, some acting quite distraught.  We stayed and watched, ready to leave but reluctant to join those leaving without having some real information.  After a few minutes the parade started up again, but I noticed how sparsely the floats were populated.  Usually they are full of handsome young people waving to the crowd.

The floats that came by were all but deserted.


It felt sad.  We’d read in the paper just that morning that Carnaval had brought in 50% of the expected revenue for all the vendors.


We left and went to eat dinner in the Plazuela Machado since they complained about sales being down, also.  When we got home we checked the news and found out that quite a ways North of where we were – somewhere around Hotel Aquamarina – rocks had hit a metal door or someone shot off some fireworks.  Someone said that it was gunfire and panic ensued.  People ran and hid.  People jumped off the floats and some tractor drivers left, too.


It took a few minutes for everyone to discover there were no shots and reassemble the parade and get going again.  But the domino effect kept up and the panic carried itself all the way to Olas Altas.  The Carnaval participant below has become separated from the rest of his tribe…


We’ve had several serious incidents in the last few months here that involve the drug cartels, and people are jumpy.  It is believed that this has kept a lot of people away from Carnaval this year, and it is really too bad.  This was a case of someone sounding an alarm that basically ruined the last Carnaval parade and gave a very sad note to the end of the celebration. 

But I can’t end on that note.  I love the boy on the horse below, don’t you?


Sorry about the last few pictures having spots on them, I think the dial on my camera got moved by accident.

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I'm Nancy, a US expat living in San Antonio Tlayacapan, Jalisco after 11 years in Mazatlán, México.

    1. Well it looked pretty nice. I would think it was tolerable especially since it probably is a short walk home for you!
      I appreciate your sacrificing the noise to bring us the great photos the last few blogs…(better you than I)
      Just Kidding…maybe, just maybe I will think about tolerating it one of these days. The sunset was stellar….That is one of the things I enjoy about Mazatlan….that and how clean the town is!
      Now, go get ready for your weeks of lent!

      1. Mic, Thanks!

        Ken, I may not be ready for Lent but I’m ready for something!

        Michael, I had heard two people were arrested, sounds like Samael at losmonosbichis thinks it is. The paper will probably say more tomorrow.

    1. I must have hundreds of sunset pics but that is the finest I’ve seen. I do miss those ‘over the water’ sunsets from the west coast. Bravo!

      1. Thanks, Jonna. It’s funny, this was one of those times where I turned around and said “wow, that’s gorgeous” and snapped a picture without really being aware what a nice sunset we were having. But it kept on and on and on, developing more and more for probably a half hour.

    1. I read in El Sol de Mazatlán that one of the reasons for lower attendance this year was that the buses that carry many people to the city have become more dangerous. Apparently, many drivers have been confronted by aggressive passengers and this information has filtered out to the public. The story stated that bus travel was down 50% from last year.

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