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November 10, 2009

I am back from a long weekend with my son and his family in Mexico City.  Of course it was wonderful to see them.

I arrived Friday morning and spent the morning drinking coffee and playing with Consuelo along with my daughter in law Martha and her mother.  I hadn’t seen her mother in about five years or so – I think the last time we saw her we visited her in Colima while we were exploring places to live in Mexico.  Back then we could barely communicate so I was pleased to be able to communicate well enough in Spanish this time that we were able to catch up a bit.  When Adam got home from work (he was taking a half day off) we headed out for comida at Origenes Organicos, a restaurant and market. Be still, my heart!  It was delicious.

We had driven the car to the restaurant, and (surprise, surprise) there were no parking spaces nearby.  So what do you do? Adam spoke to the guy a couple doors down and he basically drove the car around for a while until a space opened up.  Not very eco friendly I guess – we kept laughing “there he goes again!”

Martha’s mother headed out to Leon in the early evening.  I was pretty pleased with myself since we had spoken Spanish with only little breaks the entire day.  We had delicious Italian food and stayed up really late.  Or should I say early?

Saturday we had some great fun.  We had breakfast out (chilaquiles for me) and some strolling in the sunshine because the realtor needed to show their condo.  It is for sale because they are buying a turn of the (last) century home in Colonia Roma.  I got a tour and it is going to be fabulous when it’s done.  It isn’t in too bad of shape, but there are a few wonky additions in the back that need to be straightened out as well as new plumbing, electrical, and decorating.  If any DF readers are interested in their lovely 2 bedroom Condesa condo with a 500 square foot deck and parking, comment or send me an email and I will hook you up!

That afternoon I attended my first ever kid party in Mexico.  It was held in the party room on the top floor of a condominium in Condesa.  There was a giant sized bouncy room at one end, and ladies making hamburgers and quesadillas at the other.  I don’t know how many people were there, probably 50 or 75.  A couple people were there who work for my son, and they spoke English, but everyone else spoke only Spanish so I got a workout again.  About two hours into the party a troupe arrived and did a Sesame Street show.  It was a pretty amazing party for a one year old!

Consuelo was pretty tired after all the activity (and so were we) so that evening we ordered tacos delivered and played dominoes all evening.  Can you believe I didn’t win even once?  What is wrong with me?

Sunday we had a lazy morning and then headed out to the Dolores Olmedo Museum in Colonia La Noria near Xochimilco. Dolores donated the property and her entire collection of pre-hispanic art, as well as 145 Diego Riveras and 25 Frida Kahlos. The property is breathtaking and the museum was fantastic. There is also a wonderful Day of the Dead  exhibit. If you are down that way, perhaps include the museum along with a visit to Xochimilco. It was fantastic.

We headed home, ditching my idea of stopping for some gourmet groceries for me to bring home because the Sunday traffic was too heavy… and I didn’t want to miss my plane home. Bummer… I really had the jones for some gorgonzola cheese, kalamata olives, and perhaps some vegie burgers or something.  Next time I will go on the first day of my visit!

It was a wonderful trip.  Paul and I are planning on spending a month or six weeks in the DF environs during the summer this year when Mazatlán is hotter than blazes.  There are so many places to explore within an hour of the city.  And of course the prospect of being close to family would be fun, too!

Check out my photos from the trip, below.

Mexico City Nov 2009

Nancy's long weekend in DF Click "View with PicLens" to browse through the photos.

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More about Nancy

I'm Nancy, a US expat living in San Antonio Tlayacapan, Jalisco after 11 years in Mazatlán, México.

    1. Thanks for sharing. Consuelo warms the heart. Congrats on your Spanish! See you soon.

    1. Wow, Nancy, you packed in so much on such a short trip. Bummer that you didnt get your goodies from the Gourmet Store. Maybe Steve Cotton can smuggle some stuff off the cruise ship when he comes into port. And, CONGRATS on the spanish. I know how exhausting that can be.

    1. Whew kiddo, you had a GREAT weekend. That little munchkin is adorable. How fast they grow up!
      I love Mexico City and still have not seen all the museums. It IS a world class city. I find traveling by bus or subway is easier then trying to drive…..
      You’ve made me want to get back down there……..soon. it’s only a 3 1/2 hr bus ride from San Miguel.
      HEY – maybe you and Paul could come up here for a visit for a few days next summer? Glad I just thought of that…..

      1. Michael, She is a sweetheart, I am pretty sure they will come out in early January so hopefully you’ll get to see for yourself. It will be great to have you back in town, Maz just isn’t the same without you.

        Chrissy, Oh well, I just need to be more creative without delicacies like gorgonzola. The big city just has everything, it is quite mesmerizing. If I stayed there too long I could become hooked on consuming again!

        Babs, I have never driven in DF, and it will probably be a long time until I do. But I love it there and really look forward to more time to get to know it. Whenever I’m there the main purpose of the visit is to have a family visit! I have been to a number of the museums and parks and fabulous restaurants, etc. But I haven’t explored some of the markets I have heard about and have never visited the pyramid. We’d love to come visit when we are over there this summer… absolutely! (And I think you might need to come to the beach this winter…)

    1. Hi Nancy & Paul – she is a beauty and she is lucky to have family like you. I can’t believe how much she has grown! Nice post.

    1. Great photos and interesting narrative about your trip. Since I’ve done virtually nothing with my Spanish since I first saw you in Hector’s class, I hang my head in shame. I’m very impressed with your progress. And am also impressed with the photos of Consuelo, such a beauty.

      1. Cynthia, Thank you! Consuelo is really growing up, it goes way too fast.

        Kate, I have just been cranking along a little at a time with Spanish, but I have good comprehension and I think I am becoming pretty fearless. With the right attitude I think you can do anything.

        Mike, I have been living here in Mazatlan for more than two years and have blogged a lot about this. It isn’t a topic that you just comment back about! If you go to the left side of my blog and look at categories there is one on weather. Except for the last 4 or 5 post there that have to do with the tropical storm they are almost all about dealing with the heat! Maybe you could check it out and if you have any specific questions, write again? Oh, and the last two years I went to visit family for one week in the summer, that’s it. We are contemplating going away for a bit longer this next summer, partially to get away from the heat and partially to explore other areas of Mexico.

    1. Nancy, I’ve now read every post you’ve written about the weather and I still want to live there. BTW, the view from the Freeman is wonderful. I didn’t know you could swim there for the price of a drink. Thanks very much for all you’ve written.

    1. I’ll count on ya’ll coming up. We’ll get Billie and Ned into the group too among others.
      I WILL be at the beach for January – can’t wait………BUT I’ll be just north of Manzanillo so I can go to my favorite remote bays and beaches…….
      Some day I’ll get up your way…… IS one of the few areas I haven’t been to see.

      1. Mike, I love the weather here, even in the summer. Although I do complain a bit in the summer about how you take a shower and by the time you’ve dressed you’re hot and sweaty again!

        Babs, It would be great to met you in SMA, and visit with Billie and Ned, too. (We visited Billie and Ned back before we had decided on Mazatlán as our new home!) They are sooo fun and nice, and their house is amazing. I’d sure like to see your patio, too! We’ll do it! And, if you ever plan a trip here, be sure to holler!

    1. Nancy, I can tell from reading your blog that you love it there. People live all over the world in hot, humid weather and adapt. I’ve been in NY when it was 95 degrees and 95% humidity and in New Orleans where just walking outside wilts a dress shirt. Your love of the city shines through like a beacon through the fog.

    1. What a dazzling smile your Consuelo has!

      You make Mexico City sound like so much fun (I guess it helps to have relatives there).

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