Ordinary Life

September 3, 2008

It’s just ordinary life here in Mexico these days. The humidity hasn’t been too bad this summer so far, until yesterday. It just felt wet most of the day. I didn’t eat or drink enough and had kind of a bad moment in the late afternoon but after a bunch of water, a smoothie, and a shower I was back to normal. You really need to pay attention to your body in the heat. I won’t make that mistake again.

The men who have been working in our backyard worked throughout the whole day in the heat and humidity, breaking up concrete, mixing concrete and hauling sand and gravel in. I am amazed at how they can work. Truly, I was dripping all down my face, and neck, and back just sweeping the patio this morning!

Paul and I realized that even though we are by no means fluent in Spanish in our ordinary life we do just fine.

He went to the doctor yesterday about his hip and came back saying how much he loves the health care system here! He went to the doctor’s office to make an appointment and was told the doctor could see him in a few minutes. The doctor wanted him to get an X-ray, and sent him to a clinic a block away, saying he should come back with the X-ray. He was in and out with his X-ray in just a few minutes. How often would that happen to you up North? The doctor thinks it’s inflammation, so I went and got the injection for him and he’ll run up to the clinic so they can give him the shot sometime today. Easy as pie. Hopefully he will be back to his old self soon.

Today I had to go to the farmacia for Paul’s shot, and also the super medicine for Lucy. Over to the Mercado for Neem capsules for Lucy, too. Then to the eyeglass place because my glasses had a problem. Back to the farmacia.

So the thing that is kind of giving me a thrill is that I don’t get apprehensive before I venture out anymore, and I don’t rehearse what I am going to need to say. I just go and do my thing, my ordinary things, in Spanish.

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I'm Nancy, a US expat living in San Antonio Tlayacapan, Jalisco after 11 years in Mazatlán, México.

    1. “I just go and do my thing, my ordinary things, in Spanish.” = a sentence I love.

    1. Keep those tales coming. It gives us all hope as we stumble through our Spanish.

    1. So you and Paul have been in Maz for a year? I’ll check in with you next June and let you know how our Spanish is!

    1. Don’t get too impressed about the level of our spanish…it is mostly that as long as I don’t let myself get rattled I can do just fine.

      Well maybe not fine but pretty good.

    1. Husband practices Spanish before he goes out too.

    1. Hi,
      This is Stephanie, my husband (Rick) and I bought your house in Lakebay. I was looking for chicken coops on the internet and found this blog,what a treat to see all the past pics. It’s a been a wonderful and suprising year watching all the plants pop up around the property. Anyway, I just wanted to let you how much we are enjoying life out here, it’s like our own little piece of paradise. I’m not sure who enjoys it more us or our dogs.

    1. Hi Stephanie,

      What a treat it is to hear from you! I can't tell you how often we wondered how you guys were doing. I'm so glad you are enjoying the place, it was an incredible place to live.

      You might like to check out
      for some pictures of the place, including a few from when I was selling my chicken coops at the Puyallup Home and Garden show one year.

      Take care! Nancy & Paul

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