Washington Week In Review

July 21, 2008

I just got back last night from my week in Washington State. I had a wonderful time and am really glad I went….but also am glad to be back! Here’s a little summary of the fun I had:

Sunday evening upon arrival in Seattle I picked up my rental car and headed to my sister’s house. We drank wine and duty-free tequila and caught up on everything.

Monday we took a wonderful walk on Ruston Way in Tacoma – along the Commencement Bay waterfront and through Old Town and back home. After that, lunch with our aunt and uncle as they passed through town in their RV on their way to visit friends for a week. Here they are with my sister at the restaurant:

My aunt became our surrogate mom after our mother died when we were kids, and as she is now 86 I was so happy we were able to see each other on this trip.

My sister had to go in to the office Tuesday morning so I went to Target, PetSmart, and Rejuvenation Hardware on my way to Seattle to join up with her.

I’ll leave out the part about going to her office but it was fun to be a fly on the wall as breaking news publication decisions were made.

We booked a room with a city view at the Sheraton and had a sister’s night in Seattle. We shopped and roamed around – took care of banking, etc. For dinner we ate at Lola, Tom Douglas’s newest Greek-inspired restaurant. We ordered based on the most interesting combinations: Appetizer of Pita with Kalamata and greek fig spread…Salad of watermelon, feta, arugula and basil…Smashed garlic fried potatoes…wild mushroom kabobs. It was wonderful.

The next day my sister had a presentation to give to the Board so she got dressed and practiced it on me. Excellent, of course.

After she went to work I drove to Bellingham to visit with our oldest son and his family. I miss my son and his wife but it’s the grandkids that change so fast! I really miss them. As an aside I spent a ton of time trying to get their webcam to work but I believe it’s not compatible with Vista. What a nightmare.

We went for a long walk in the sunshine along the water in Bellingham. People were crabbing from the piers and teenagers were jumping into the water and screaming because it was so cold! We hit the tail end of the farmer’s market and strolled through an independent bookstore.

They took me out for a really special dinner at Anthony’s Home Port, a Washington chain famous for its seafood and northwest flavor. Erica took the picture below after dinner.

Erica did her hair for dinner with the chopsticks I bought her. She had been doing her hair up with a pencil after learning how in her Daring Book for Girls.

We took their boat out one afternoon on Lake Whatcom. We cruised up and down, and stopped and let the kids swim here and there. They’d decided not to take the big inner tube thing because it was a little chilly. Here they are swimming off the boat:

Both kids are excellent students and also excellent athletes. Owen received the Defensive MVP award at his baseball camp this summer.

Erica has been taking swimming lessons and participated in a swim meet on Saturday. It was the first time I’ve seen her seriously swim, and she won two firsts and a fifth! The video below is the 50 meter backstroke, in which she won first place. There were three heats.

In between all this family time were various outings for shopping and eating that you are probably grateful I didn’t photograph! Now, I had better go see what all my blogger friends have been up to!

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    1. Nancy your grandkids are beautiful, you have reason to be very proud of them.

      Your sister wears high heels to work! Hope they’re paying her the big bucks.

      You need to upload your videos again, they’re both just blank white rectangles.

      Welcome home to Mexico.

    1. Hey Bliss!

      Yes, the grandkids are wonderful! And my sister is at the top of her field and she loves buying shoes!

      Maybe refresh your browser??? I’ve checked in IE and Firefox and they work fine and show fine for me.


    1. Sounds and looks like you had a great week. Great looking kids, no wonder you are proud.
      Videos worked fine for me.

    1. Yay, you’re back! Great pictures, love hearing about your trip.

    1. farmers markets and independent bookstores! It all seems to lovely, I am consumed with envy! The Daring Book for Girls is such an awesome book!

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