April 26, 2008

While a lot of bloggers were lucky to attend the Blogger Meetup last week on Isla Mujeres put together by Wayne, we had another Meetup going here in Mazatán.

Bliss and the Captain sailed into Mazatlán and we had several enjoyable visits. They were moored in an area just South of Centro – less than five minutes by car from our house.

We ran over to the marina and picked Bliss up. We came back to our place and after a while she and I had a great romp through the mercado getting them re-provisioned. That night we went out to the Plazuela Machado and had a drink and got to visit with the Captain, too.

They are such wonderful people. Funny. Inventive. Walkers. Dog-lovers. Readers. México lovers. Mazatlán lovers. It was just great to hang out with them. Bliss is a walking fool – one day she walked all over Centro on her own “walking tour.” (I’m sure she’ll blog about that when she gets back to San Carlos)

Paul and I know very little about sailing, so it was interesting to hear what life is like when you spend months at a time living on the water. So much thought has to be put into everything – in advance. No running out to the store when you have an urge! The Captain is very inventive and capable with all the mechanical things – you can tell that he just loves figuring out a better way! A couple of his ideas sound like they might be very popular and even patent-worthy.

We got to meet Sofia and Chica, too. What sweet little dogs, even when being somewhat intimidated by a roaming pitbull mix that was twice their size.

Today we had a great breakfast together, traded some books, and had one last visit before they get ready to head out on Monday. We had a wonderful time and I am just so happy that we were really able to get to know each other.

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I'm Nancy, a US expat living in San Antonio Tlayacapan, Jalisco after 11 years in Mazatlán, México.

    1. What a great opportunity to meet fellow bloggers. And to have two of mt favorite couples in the same place at the same time. So, where was I?

    1. I love meeting fellow bloggers, especially those that blog about their lives in Mexico. Just wish I could have joined in on the talking and shopping.

    1. I got a slideshow of the Walking Tour of Old Town Maz uploaded today, thanks to a miraculous wifi window here in the anchorage. Enjoy! And excuse me while I go soak my feet…

    1. In the old days, we used to think it was great to put a face to the voice on the phone. Nowadays it is great to put a body with the person!

    1. Thanks to Bliss I’ve just discovered your blog! LOVE the parrots…….and your dedication to taking care of them – how cool! And after seeing Bliss’s walking tour I HAVE to come see Mazatlan..beautiful…..

    1. Yes. meeting other bloggers is great…just from their writing you know you’re going to hit it off before you even meet!

      Mazatlan is wonderful, I heartily recommend you come for a visit, Babs, and make sure you let us know when you come so we can get together!

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