It’s Been Quite A Ride

September 9, 2007

In my wildest dreams I would have never believed our last month here would be such a roller coaster ride….

Last Tuesday we got word that our house deal had failed. Down to the depths of despair!

Then we gave ourselves a talking to, realized we were still heading to Mazatlan even if the house wasn’t sold. We made arrangements for a caretaker and someone to do yard maintenance, and then we were back on top of the world.

We had a few days of tension when our former buyers were being hard to pin down as to if or when they would come and pick up all the items that they’d bought from us. It’s a lot of stuff, too – the washer and dryer, picnic table, hammock & stand, plants, an armoire, two sets of outdoor furniture, the gas grill and a lot of yard maintenance equipment. Back to the depths again!

Then they called and said they’d made arrangements for a truck and would be here today to pick it up. YAY.

But we are back on top again. Our house went back on the MLS on Thursday. Friday it was viewed by some people who had wanted to see it right after we had put together our previous deal and had been waiting to see if it closed or not. An offer came in Saturday, we countered, and they accepted our counter on the same day! Back to the top again!

The deal should close on October tenth. Our realtor says that there’s no reason we need to fly back for closing – that it can all be done by sending documents back and forth by courier.

We are going to show the new people the property corners before we leave – and that is this coming Thursday. We’ll spend the last night here at a pet friendly motel, and leave the Northwest feeling excited and happy.


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I'm Nancy, a US expat living in San Antonio Tlayacapan, Jalisco after 11 years in Mazatlán, México.

    1. Glad to hear that things are OK again. Congratulations! Have a good trip.

    1. Wonderful how things seem to have a way of working themselves out, especially when you do most of the work. Have fun floating on a cloud all the way down to Mexico!

    1. I’m so glad it all worked out. You’re right, good practice for Mexico!
      You two have such good attitudes, I know you’re going to have a great adventure.
      Buena suerte!

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