I need to take a deep breath….

June 5, 2007

I have known that a challenge for me – not just with regard to our move to Mexico, but in general – is to be a bit less intense about transactions.

This would be things like – when people don’t call or come when they said they would – or people saying they would do things and then not doing them. I can get pretty cranky sometimes, and especially get frustrated when I had multiple assurances that there would be no problem.

Yesterday was my travel day – and also the day the wire transfers for our house were to be initiated. I had met with our banker twice in the past two weeks to pave the way for everything to go smoothly. I had gone into the bank and been assured that the wire transfers were prepared correctly and were timed to send Monday morning.

So why should I be surprised that everything didn’t go smoothly? It was my fault I didn’t leave Paul with copies of everything, which complicated things for him….and when I got to Mazatlan I spent two hours back and forth with the bank, the Seller and Paul. It finally got straightened out, at 6 pm.

The problem was the wire to the Casa de Cambio in Mazatlan. The wire goes through an intermediary bank in New York and then to the Casa de Cambio. Casa de Cambio uses names, not account numbers to sort out their wires, and Wells Fargo requires an account number on their form. Kind of an impasse there! Until finally the Seller’s banker (also Wells Fargo) talked to our banker and ta da! The problem was solved.

Thank goodness our B & B has a vonage phone so I could get this all ironed out. But I am ashamed to say I was very frustrated by all this yesterday and need to really work on my response to challenges like this in the future.

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I'm Nancy, a US expat living in San Antonio Tlayacapan, Jalisco after 11 years in Mazatlán, México.

    1. Hi Nancy,

      Good luck with all the red tape – by the way there is no shortage of it in Mexico and not necessarily the same types as in the States.

      Consider yourself lucky to be in Mexico and not on Paul’s end 😉

      Mexico will mellow you out – there is no choice on that score. They operate on a much slower clock I think.

      In the mean time order a couple margaritas and enjoy a sunset or two.

      John Calypso

    1. Nanner! Too bad the cranky-pants boogie man got you – but it’s done, right; and everything’s cool? hope you took john calypso’s margarita advice and are flying home on your own cloud nine – now the real countdown begins. Congratulations!

    1. As one of my friends says, you need a long talk with Margaret (Margarita! haha)

      These things are so frustrating but shit happens. You should try building or remodeling….then you definitely need a talk with Margaret from time to time.

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