We’re getting our move on

December 28, 2006


Several things happened today:

  • I sold one of our dog kennels for $150 and a bookcase for $20 both of which had been sitting around getting in the way for way too long. Ca-ching!
  • After we had $170 bucks burning a hole in our pockets we headed to town for some Mexican food at El Pueblito, our favorite place for obvious reasons. (vegie enchiladas for me and carne asada for Paul)
  • I picked up a book I’d put on hold at the library – and I’m already devouring it – How to Learn Any Language by Barry Farber. It’s going to be a quick read, but I can tell it will be an important one for me since he details how to best go about learning languages…and this comes from someone who started out teaching himself Chinese in high school and who now can communicate in something like 18 languages. (the book is in the other room…you wouldn’t want me to have to get up, would you?) I’ll summarize it here when I’m done but I already think it is going to be a big help.

Oh, and in other news…no rain AT ALL today.


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