Mazatlan in the Winter

November 20, 2022

We’ve been enjoying our time here in Mazatlán and one thing we know is we want to spend more time here during the winter. It’s been great to reconnect with so many people we’ve missed. We were a little nervous about whether the hot and humid weather would still be here when we arrived in early November but it has been just perfect.

We have been enjoying our morning walks along the malecon and this morning I watched as hundreds of people assembled for the big Revolution Day parade. I didn’t wait as I know how these things go – the parade was likely some hours in the future and I needed to get back home for some coffee!

The big flag always makes me catch my breath!

We’ve had lots of lunches and dinners out with friends – and that gorgeous picture at the top is from a not-entirely-finished house of a friend of ours. It is actually for sale if you are in the market for a view home at Olas Altas.

We’ve been eating in lots of new restaurants as well as many old favorites. We’ve tried a new bakery, too. It’s a good thing we walk as much as we do, I think! We’ve been able to continue our intermittent fasting here as most days we just have one meal out and then some sort of baked good or gelato treat.

Love this street art

We’ve been tidying the little house to get ready to sell it. We’ve had the house valued and we should be getting it on the market by the time we head home. People tell us the market is pretty hot so we don’t expect it to take too long to sell. Fingers crossed.

Morning exercise

I love how so many things are reused here. We always put the items we think someone can make use of out on the curb separate from the trash and it is usually gone within a half hour.

There have been about five or six cruise ships in port each week. The huge influx of people sure makes the traffic worse and also the noise as pulmonias and aurigas with loud music pounding show their occupants the sights of the city. One thing you can count on is they are all having fun.

We feel pretty lucky.

There are still lots of things we haven’t done – we haven’t spent the day at Isla de la Piedra (Stone Island) yet or climbed El Faro (the lighthouse) or checked out the new (to us) restaurant La Marea atop Cerro de la Vigia (Lookout Hill). Maybe some things we’ll save for our next trip over but we still have almost ten days left this time. If you’re in Mazatlán now, you should check out Alwin Van der Heiden’s photography exhibit in the old Bank of Mexico museum space at Belisario Domínguez and Constitución in Centro Historico.

So that’s it for now! I think it’s time to head out again for another little exploration before we meet our friend for lunch. One funny thing – a couple came up to us in a restaurant and inquired if we were Nancy and Paul. She’d been reading the blog since we were back in Washington State and have now bought a condo here themselves! That was fun!

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More about Nancy

I'm Nancy, a US expat living in San Antonio Tlayacapan, Jalisco after 11 years in Mazatlán, México.

    1. I was already over the moon having discovered Casa Hindie and their splendid teas and then you and Paul walked in and I recognized him right away from pictures in the past. Nancy, you should post pictures of yourself as you are beautiful!

    1. So glad you are enjoying and thinking of spending more winter time here! Good luck with the house sale – some one will be getting a great place to enjoy Mazatlán!

    1. Hi Nancy! Happy to hear you’re enjoying yourselves. I totally understand your feelings about the place. Wow, that house in your cover photos has a fabulous view. So perfectly framed! Looking forward to hearing about your trip! See you soon!

      1. Hi Mary, We are really having fun but are starting to get that itch to get home. See you soon! xoxo

    1. So wonderful to see how much you are enjoying this trip.

      1. Hi Wendy, Yes, we are truly enjoying this time here. Except wow! This morning the wind was fierce and cold on our malecon walk! Brrr. xoxo

    1. Good to know what is going on, sort of! Didn’t know you still
      had a house in Mazatlan or that you were selling it.
      My son is a realtor in SMA and is so busy that he can
      hardly believe it. People flying in and buying a place
      in a couple of days is not unusual!
      Good luck on your sale…….

      1. Hi Babs, Yes, our little place was a rental for us long ago and then was our maybe-downsize-to idea. We decided it was a bit too small, so time to sell. I bet your son is making hay while the sun shines! So many people moving to Mexico these days. (Understandably) Take care!

    1. So glad that you are rediscovering Mazatlan. Hope to see on the Isla. Would you please share the information about the new bakery as well as the restaurants. So many of our favourites are no longer around

      1. It looks like we won’t get over to the Isla this time, I seem to have overbooked us so we don’t have enough of a chunk of time, darn it!

        New bakery in Playa Sur – EuroBakery – Carnaval 704
        New bakery in Centro – Artesanos Bakery – Guillermo Nelson 1813
        New restaurant Centro – La Olivia – Belisario Dominguez and Libertad
        New restaurant Centro – Casa Hindi – Constitucion 620
        New restaurant Centro – Esinti Cafe – Libertad 401
        New restaurant Centro – Totem – Heriberto Frias 1504 – People love this one but maybe we were there on an off day?
        New restaurant Centro – La Molcajeteria – Consititucion 205 We haven’t tried it yet but many have recommended it.
        New restaurant Centro – El Cielo in the plazuela – haven’t eaten there but lots have recommended it. Live music at night

        That’s all that comes to mind, of course there are many old and wonderful favorites like Water’s Edge, Hector’s Bistro, Topolo, Angelina’s etc.

        1. Muchas gracias. We will reconnect in person another time.

    1. Excited to find you!
      I picked up the book, kissing the virgins mouth while I was in San Miguel de Allende last week, and was trying to figure out where Teatlan was !
      I am 70 and wanna spend more time doing art and being in the sun and I love Mexico and I’ve been many times and I’m trying to find a place to settle down for a while. I have been to Ajijic three times. I’m not sure how I feel about it but I can’t wait to read what you’ve written about it.
      Thanks for all your good info. I was glad to see you writing about having good manners because it is so disturbing to see some gringos just be so rude and here they are in someone else’s country. I love how kind the Mexican people are. I feel at home.

      1. Pegg, Thank you for commenting, somehow I missed replying to you! I hope you enjoy your time in Mexico, thank you so much for your comment!

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