A few days in Barras de Piaxtla

July 2, 2015

We always like to take a little mini-vacation for Paul’s birthday in June, and this year we decided to finally visit La Rosa de las Barras in Barras de Piaxtla North of Mazatlán. We’ve known the owner, Gail, for a few years through her organic produce stand at the Organic Market here in Mazatlán. Her small beachside retreat and restaurant was a good choice for us this year.

About an hour North of town, you really feel like you are out in the country. You travel part of the way on dirt roads and through the tiny town of Barras de Piaxtla to reach her place right on the beach. Paul and I rented the beach side house since we wanted to be on the ocean and we had most of our meals provided by the restaurant. Since Gail has an organic farm we knew that her food standards would be high – and they were – and they were also happy to accommodate me with my vegetarian diet. The property is usually fully booked on weekends but during our (midweek) stay there was only one other room occupied.


The water in June is warm and the waves are gentle. It was glorious to just float there enjoying the serenity. We watched the fishermen put their nets out and check their nets multiple times a day and enjoyed the pelican lineup whenever the fishermen appeared. One early morning two mares and their foals were led out to wade for a bit. We watched the birds fight for and try to eat a washed up fish. We lounged. We ate. We swam. We ate some more. We visited with two women from California. We swam some more.

Eventually, it was time to go. It was a delightful respite from the stresses (??) of retirement here in Mazatlán, and I’m sure we’ll go back when we need another break.

PhotoGrid3wI loved seeing (and listening to) these two trees. They are a hanging nest colony of yellow-winged caciques and we saw them on our way to La Rosa. Thanks to our friend and fantastic nature photographerAlwin van der Heiden for the help identifying them, too.

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    1. Love it there! One of my favourite escapes!!

    1. Isn’t that a fantastic place? It’s been too long since we have had a break there. Great to read of yours.

    1. Thanks for the post on this place. It’s somewhere I have heard about and really want to go and check out for myself!

    1. Could not get back to your post of June 1 to post this. I tried your bean cooking method in the crock pot and it is so easy. I used pinto beans as I could not find Peruano beans. The International Market near us did not have them but I was able to get some dried Epazote – could not find dried Avocado leaves so had to leave them out. Very good and even better the second day! Thank you for sharing.

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