Half Baked Update

October 9, 2010

What’s going on in Mazatlán, you ask?  Well, most sensible people scurry around in the morning and then hide in the shade until the sun goes down.  Although yesterday I wanted to run to the natural foods store so on my way I snapped a couple of photos of the Plazuela Zaragoza renovation.  They are still waiting for tile.  And benches.  And lighting. And to figure out what is going on with the kiosko.  But they have replanted the beds and I am really looking forward to it being finished. Just don’t hold your breath.

Some Mazatlán bloggers seem to be on summer vacation, too. Jennifer at Mexscape hasn’t posted for almost two months. She is alive, we actually ate dinner with them not long ago – but I think work is taking priority over blogging.

The beds are so nicely planted, and you can see the circle waiting for something…

Sandie and Mike will be back in November from their summer in Winnipeg, and while crafty Pattie is on a short vacation, she’ll be back soon.

The witty blogger at Maz Real is on vacation as well.  I guess that means we need to get our news the usual way, reading the papers.  M Magazine, The Mazatlán Messenger, and the Pacific Pearl are all written in English and can keep you informed about some of what is going on.  (See the @Maz page, above, for links)

I think the kiosko is a bit weird but I’ll probably learn to love it.

Our trusty weatherman and webcam fellow is back from a spending some time inland in the cool – and be sure to take a look at the webcam if you want to see what Mazatlán looks like from the top of the Edificio Lido – the link is on the @Maz page, too.

I’ll get out next week to bring you updates on the ongoing renovations at the Plaza de Los Leones as well as the main Mercado. Adios for now.


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I'm Nancy, a US expat living in San Antonio Tlayacapan, Jalisco after 11 years in Mazatlán, México.

    1. It is sort of fun watching the progress (??) of these various projects, isn’t it? The sidewalks around Plaza de Leon are looking spiffy and I got a sneak peak inside that HUGE renovation on Ninos Heroes (windows were all open as well as doorways) and I think Constitucion that you featured in the past. It is amazing inside and they seem to really be making a LOT of progress. I have to admit that I like that kiosk at Zaragoza park…it looks so ancient in some respects and hopefully it will have a stony natural color. Good thing YOU blog, or there wouldn’t be much out there. 🙂 Maybe a sunset cocktail next week?

      1. Zoe, I like what they’ve done so far at the Plaza de los leones but I sure wish they’d finish! I need to see if I can sneak a peek at the inside of the renovation on Niños Heroes, too! Of course on the cocktails, you know us!

        Matt, It is in the high 80’s or low 90’s during the day, and the humidity is high, too. It’s not unbearable, but you need to walk on the shady side, not forget your sweat rag, drink a lot of water, and stay inside at midday. Usually the weather “breaks” here about Nov. 7. Mazatlan is just about directly across from the tip of Baja on the mainland.

    1. Thanks, Nancy. I’m not sure it gets in the 90s even in Playa this time of year. I never realized Mazatlan geographically was so close to Baja. I’m sure logistically it’s very far. Anyway, a hurricane is approaching Cozumel so we are getting prepped.

      1. Matt, Glad the hurricane passed you by – and yes, Mazatlan is a 12 hour ferry ride from Baja. Paul and I plan on taking it one day soon.

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