The Truth about Mexico

March 20, 2009

Maybe you’ve noticed the new graphic in my sidebar. It links you to a new website The Truth About Mexico.

Anyone reading this blog is interested in Mexico or already lives here, so visiting The Truth About Mexico will give you a perspective on the topic of safety in Mexico written by people who live here and are telling the truth.

So when a friend or relative tells you an alarmist story when you’re discussing your home here in Mexico or an upcoming trip, send them to the site for the real information.

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More about Nancy

I'm Nancy, a US expat living in San Antonio Tlayacapan, Jalisco after 11 years in Mazatlán, México.

    1. Great site, haven’t been to Mazatlan in years. My dad has owned a unit in Condominiums Playa Escondido since the 70’s. Used to go down there often when we lived in LA. We live on the ocean in Florida right now, but not sure we can afford the property taxes and living costs. Would like to continue living on the ocean, thinking of checking out Mazatlan. Are you ready for the summers? Actually, the first time I visited Mazatlan was 1972 after I returned from Vietnam. Bought an old Postage truch and turned it into a cheap RV, I mean real cheap. A friend and I spent a month or so and had a great time. I raved about it so much my mom and dad visited and then bought the condo. My dad’s coming down there in a week for his bi annual visit of 3 weeks.

      Enjoyed pictures of your parrot, we have a orange wing amazon named Sake. What a character, but I am sure you already know and love their personalities. We love to spray Sake, she turns into BatBird, its commical to see how much she loves it. Hanging upside down and spraying here from the top of the cage is a hoot.

      I really enjoyed seeing your LR wall, very very cool as the kids would say. I think you and Paul have a great sense of humor and artistry. Maybe one day we will meet. John “El Lobo” Wolf

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